Amy S. Greenberg


“This volume is an exceptional window onto the process and ideology of American territorial expansionism. It is thoughtfully conceptualized and provides an impressive blend of conventional and unconventional source material.”
— Robert E. May, Purdue University
“This is an invaluable addition to materials selected for any course on 19th century US history, Manifest Destiny, or American cultural or intellectual history.”
—Charles W. Sanders, Jr., Kansas State University
“This book provides an excellent overview of the origins, meanings, and contestation over Manifest Destiny. It concisely captures the broad social, cultural, economic, and political dimensions of American exceptionalism and providence that undergird the emergence of Manifest Destiny.”
—Jeffrey P. Shepherd, University of Texas, El Paso
“This is one of the best-written and broadly conceived entries in an already distinguished series, and it brings a transnational perspective to the subject that is often lacking. Greenberg does a first-rate job of presenting evidence for the moral failings of the ideology of expansionism.”
—Jonathan Earle, University of Kansas

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