Andrew M. Pomerantz


"A well written text that utilizes highly relevant and timely examples to illustrate the topics covered."

–Justin Hackett, California University of Pennsylvania

"The examples are well-chosen and accomplish the goal of relating to the students' experience."

–Jutta Street, Campbell University

"Full of features that touch on or make strong connections to interesting and relevant events/topics. Highly engaging and readable. Lots of unique (clever) ways of explaining/describing some of the more notoriously challenging concepts/processes in psychology."

–Jason McCoy, Cape Fear Community College

"This is a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to psychology textbook that explains complex concepts in a clear and easily digestible fashion."

–Julian Dooley, Cleveland State University

"Extremely relevant to students, imminently readable…excellent choices in research to highlight. The writing style is refreshingly succinct."

–David Tom, Columbus State Community College

"Great anecdotes and memorable ways to help students learn the info. Its strengths are in its clear writing, effective stories, and good definitions."

–Dave Baskind, Delta College

"Extremely readable, relatable, vivid examples, down-to-earth writing."

–Sharmin Tunguz, DePauw University

"My Psychology is truly a beginner’s guide to psychology. It introduces key topics using a conversational, easy to follow style which will engage students rather than intimidate."

–Jennifer Gonder, Farmingdale State College

"A student friendly text which engages students through embedded technology and examples which are directly related to their own life experiences. The text is very successful in making psychology personally relevant."

–Janis Seeley, Luzerne County Community College

"Excellent textbook—speaks to students, well written. Material ‘comes to life.’"

–Maura Tighe-Stickles, Quinsigamond Community College

"This text seems like the first Psychology book aimed at complete student interaction and success."

–Betty Stack, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

"Incredibly enjoyable to read, very relevant, vignettes and examples were appropriate, and the stories themselves truly drive you and motivate you to read more."

–Wallace Smith, Union County College

"I love the preview, presentation, and review organization for students, as well as many relevant examples and ways for students to further apply their learning."

–Rachel Farr, University of Kentucky

"The writing style is engaging and perfect for a variety of students and reading levels…the examples used to explain concepts capture the essence of the material and will most definitely resonate with the students."

–Lisa Fozio-Thielk, Waubonsee Community College


Andrew M. Pomerantz

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