Barbara S. Bonham

Barbara S. Bonham is a professor of Higher Education at Appalachian State University. She also serves as Senior Researcher for the National Center for Developmental Education and a faculty member for the Kellogg Institute. She had served as Coordinator of the Higher Education Graduate Program for 10 years. Her teaching background includes 12 years in the field of developmental education at Bloomsburg University as a math instructor, lab coordinator, tutorial supervisor, and assistant to the Director in a Student Services Program (TRIO). She has over 40 years of teaching experience overall. She has served as consultant to numerous two-year and four-year colleges in the area of developmental education, particularly mathematics, as well as a program reviewer and evaluator for Title III, Title V, FIPSE, Achieving the Dream projects and technical assistant for the Developmental Education Initiative. Her extensive list of state, national, and international keynote addresses, workshops, technical reports, and presentations reflect her broad areas of research and expertise. These include college teaching and learning, adult development, instructional design, culturally responsive learning environments, program planning, promising practices in developmental education, developmental mathematics, non-western approaches to adult learning, and educational systems in other countries. Her recent scholarly leave in New Zealand provided an opportunity to conduct an in-depth study of the models used for developmental education known as bridging programs and support services.

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