“The graphic organizers are the most exciting part of the book. These will be so useful in a co-requisite lab course. They provide built in practice with organization, which many students struggle with, but they also allow students some creativity.”
–Jeffrey Miller, St. Charles Community College

“I appreciate the multiple practice sections because getting students to practice writing is fundamental to their success in writing courses.”
–Cecilia Nina Myers, University of Memphis

“The exercises look very useful to me. I like the ‘fill in the blank’ model, where students are actually writing the topic sentences themselves.”
–Jayme Novara, St. Charles Community College

“I find that the instruction in reading strategies—close reading and annotation—is needed; the students in the ALP class know how to read but not necessarily how to read like college students.”
–Sarah Gottschall, Prince George’s Community College

“I like the print format workbook because the pages can be torn out and graded.”
–Robert Perry Ivey, Gordon State College


“This is totally breakthrough!” Jenn Choi,

“WriterKey is the first software I have seen in a long time that was designed specifically to enhance the education process - not another business software they are trying to cram into education.” Jon Q., Science Teacher