Beverly Lawn


"Literature: A Portable Anthology provides engaging and diverse literature. The chapters on reading and writing about literature are clear, thorough, and very helpful. The tips and checklists address many of the issues that students struggle with when writing literary analysis. The sample assignments and essays provide excellent models."
-Lori J. Franklin, Northern New Mexico College

"A marvelous compendium of old and new pieces that is affordable and portable. It also has the advantage of excellent sections on writing about literature and useful features such as a glossary of literary terms."
-Sherry E. Moore, Eastern Oklahoma State College

"I think Literature: A Portable Anthology combines a successful range of texts with a reasonable price. The anthology is extensive enough to work well in a literature survey course without feeling excessive."
-Nikola Champlin, University of Iowa



“For my purposes, 40 Short Stories is the perfect anthology. It’s compact enough that students will bring it to class, full enough that we’ll have new things to discuss every day, and affordable enough that it doesn’t prohibit me from assigning other texts alongside it.”
--Stephen Tuttle, Brigham Young University

"The stories can be taught chronologically or thematically, and they have a richness that allows for a lot of student discussion and analysis. Its size doesn't intimidate or overwhelm students."
— Brenda Kwon, Honolulu Community College

“40 Short Stories is the Goldilocks anthology – not too big, not too small, just right--with an engaging variety of classic selections and modern literature.”
--Bonni Miller, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“Perfect for a class in which you want to dictate the syllabus."
—Ruth Evans Lane, Loyola Marymount University

“It is the perfect book for my course. I love it!"
—Kelly Jarvis, Central Connecticut State University



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