Bradley A. Shellito


“The length and scope of the exercises are perfect for an introduction to geospatial tools such as Google Earth and ArcGIS. With this text, my students understand the context of geospatial technologies and are better prepared to succeed in our senior level course in geographic information systems. The exercises liked to free software such as Google Earth and QGIS make this technology very accessible.”

Sarah Zellers, University of Central Missouri

“The writing style of this chapter and the way the principles, concepts and hands-on exercises are presented make it easy to follow and appreciate what needs to be considered and how to conduct effective and informative GIS-supported spatial analysis. This styles works well for both my undergraduate students and graduate students new to geospatial technologies.”

Paddington Hodza, University of Wyoming

"Spatial analysis can often be a difficult topic to introduce in a Digital Earth course that only has a few weeks to focus on GIS, so I think the text does a good job in introducing basic geoprocessing and spatial analysis functions by starting with basic concepts related to how we ask questions about the world around us that we hope to solve with spatial analysis. Students overall find the level of writing in this chapter to be appropriate for their introductory level, and quizzes on material in this chapter have generally reflected a pretty good comprehension of the data handling and querying concepts that are the foundation of basic spatial analysis. I also like the graphics used to illustrate overlay concepts, as these can also be difficult for students to master at the introductory level."

Susan Bergeron, Coastal Carolina University


Bradley A. Shellito

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