Brian Charlesworth


“In any given year, Brian and Deborah Charlesworth think more deeply and creatively about evolutionary genetics than most of us do over our careers. The depth and breadth of their knowledge of both the data, ranging from life-history evolution to comparative genomics, and the relevant theory is nearly unparalleled. We’re lucky to have their synthetic overview of the field, which will be a valuable resource for advanced students and their teachers for many years.” Michael Turelli, University of California, Davis

“These two leaders of the field have given us a superb overview of evolutionary genetics. Their clear explanation of the key concepts is closely linked to biological examples, and especially, to the most recent data on genome evolution. This will be an essential text.” Nick Barton, IST Austria and the University of Edinburgh

“The Charlesworths are giants in the field of evolutionary genetics. They have written a textbook that is just what you would expect from them—clear, comprehensive, and authoritative. They somehow manage to smoothly blend theory and experiment, while also covering historical developments and modern controversies. The field desperately needed a new textbook at this level.  The Charlesworths have beautifully filled the gap.” Richard Hudson, University of Chicago

“Brian and Deborah Charlesworth have written an outstanding book that will surely rank as a classic for many years to come. The range of the topics covered is all-embracing. The level of the presentation ranges from introductory material to the most recent research. Thus, the book will  serve not only as a textbook for classes at all levels, but also as a research monograph. A further feature is the nice interplay between the practical genetics, the data discussed, and the mathematical theory. The lucid presentation of these aspects of population genetics will allow the reader to progress from introductory to advanced material with ease. All-in-all a masterly performance.” Warren Ewens, University of Pennsylvania

“The book by Charlesworth and Charlesworth provides an authoritative and accessible review of classical and modern population genetics. It can serve as a text for several courses and will be an invaluable reference to researchers in all areas of biology.” Montgomery Slatkin, University of California, Berkeley

“Elements of Evolutionary Genetics provides lucid explanations of the theoretical underpinnings of population genetics. Further topics such as evolution of sex ratio and codon usage give students an introduction to areas of ongoing research. Problems at the conclusion of each chapter, involving applications of theory to data or further deviations of theory, assist in challenging students to further their understanding of the material.” Diane L. Byers, Illinois State University


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