Campbell Leaper


“I think the text is excellent and have highly recommended to colleagues…. I think the strengths are the organization around the 7 themes to help students make connections across chapters and the research focus.”
Catherine Gaze, Elmhurst College
“I think this text is the best available for an advanced developmental psychology course. Strengths include organization and in-depth content.” – Christin Ogle, American University
“The strongest aspect of the book is the breadth of topics covered and the emphasis on core developmental themes, which are notably absent from many introductory texts.”
– Elisa Esposito, Widener University
“I like the strong research backgrounds of the authors which enhances the presentation quality of the textbook. The textbook provides a commanding, holistic grasp of the primary underpinnings of the psychology of child and adolescent development.”
– Hiram Allen, The College of New Rochelle
“This continues to be my choice for a developmental textbook. I would describe this text as representing the most up-to-date developmental science of any on the market. I would also describe the examples, art/photos, tables and graphs, and corresponding lecture slide material to be excellent.”
Jeffrey Gagne, University of Texas at Arlington
“I think this text is well written in an easy-to-understand format. I think the topics were thoroughly covered and included a lot of recent research. The pictures provided enhanced the understanding of the text. The tables provided summaries of the information that made it easier to understand.”
Joan Henley, Arkansas State University
“My favorite textbook to use when teaching Developmental Psychology to undergraduates…. Well written and comprehensive.”
 – Lana Karasik, The College of Staten Island
“I would definitively recommend the book.  I like the way it is structured and the language used. I can see undergrad students liking this book.”
Marisel Torres Crespo, Hood College
“The strengths of this text are its clear exposition, breadth of information, and its topics-based approach.”
 – Martin Lampert, Holy Names University
“Overall, I think this is a strong text.  I will continue using it when I teach Child Development.  I think there is a good blend of theory and application.  The text is approachable for undergraduate students…. I have recommended it to colleagues in the past and will continue to do so.”
Nicole Rivera, North Central College
“This text is really well done. Many times, authors designate a theme for the book, but don’t really carry that theme through to the fullest extent. This text delivers on what it promises. The choice of research and the way it’s discussed is also exemplary.”
Peggy DeCooke, SUNY Purchase College
“This textbook is engaging, easy to read and contains current research and the necessary foundational research. In addition, the pedagogy is diverse and well placed in the text.”
Renia Brown-Cobb, Virginia State University
“The strongest aspects of the book are the wealth of topics presented and the organization of the information presented; graphics and videos included for the instructor are definitely helpful and appealing to students.” – Sarah Sanborn, Clemson University

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