Catherine E. Myers


Students rated the reading very highly and felt the information was very clearly written and engaging.

Nanthia Suthana, UCLA
I love the way this textbook organizes the chapters to the three different parts. It helps me with teaching the material because it keeps me organized and it allows for a nice transition during the lectures. This structure seems to benefit the students as well. They have said that it makes studying the material in the book easier when it is broken down into chunks.
- Monica Bolton, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Between the writing style and wonderful graphics I am absolutely in love with this text.
- Arlo Clark-Foos, University of Michigan, Dearborn

I love the organization, that’s the primary reason I selected the book in the first place. Covering all three parts [behavioral processes, brain substrates, and clinical perspectives] ensures that most (if not all) students can find something of interest. For instance, I have a number of clinical psych students take the course who typically enjoy learning how the behavior and brain material is translated into clinical outcomes.
- Derek Lindquist, The Ohio State University


Catherine E. Myers

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