Charles Derber


 “The Wilding of America is one of the best teaching books I’ve ever used! It is a brilliant piece of sociology, accessible to all.”
Jonathan White, Bentley University

“Derber applies a sociological framework to profoundly consequential developments in contemporary society. It provides students with an opportunity to utilize their critical thinking skills while illustrating key sociological concepts. It is a fine book from which engaged students can learn much.”
David Friedrichs, University of Scranton

“I appreciate The Wilding of America for its vivid storytelling and persistence in keeping sociological theory in the front of the reader’s mind.”
Greg Schneider, Pacific Union College

“The Wilding of America is a great resource and a wonderful example of sociological thinking. Its chapters correspond well to the general topics covered in an introductory course and it engages students in the relationship between the individual and society.”
Raymond P. Dorney, Merrimack College

“It is highly readable, covers current issues and does a fine job of teaching students to think sociologically by drawing on the theories of Marx and Durkheim.”
—Kathleen Kautzer, Regis College

“Derber addresses some of the most important issues in contemporary society.”
—Richard Moodey, Gannon University


Charles Derber

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