Claire D. Advokat


“The book stands out by providing the more detailed information of any similar psychopharmolocolgy text...[it] is well written and the literature review is strong”  
— Joshua Berk, College of William and Mary

“Clear writing that is neither too sophisticated nor too simple”
— Lawrence Wichlinski, Carleton College

“The level of detail of this text is perfect for my students, most of who are new to pharmacology.  I like the organization.  It introduces important concepts first and then applies them to the most common recreational and psychotherapeutic drugs”
— Marc Dignman, Penn State University


Using simple prose to discuss complex matters, Advokat/Comaty/Julien have done an admirable job of summarizing the entire spectrum of psychoactive drugs, whether commonly used for purposes of abuse or treatment.
-Robert McGrath, Ph.D., Director, M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology Director, Fairleigh Dickinson University

For many years Julien’s Primer of Drug Action has been the “go to” resource for information on psychoactive drugs. This masterpiece reference is now in its 13th edition with timely and detailed updates. Highly recommended!
- John Preston, Psy.D., Professor Emeritus, Alliant International University and author of Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists


Claire D. Advokat

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