Colin G. Calloway


“First Peoples is an excellent textbook with an engaging narrative and great primary sources. Most importantly, students like it.” 
—John Baranshi, El Camino College

 “First Peoples is an extremely student friendly text that incorporates a Native American perspective that has been ignored for most of their history. The Documents distinguish the text from others that are usually written that exclude the Native American perspective.”
—Michael Turcotte, Fort Peck Community College

“First Peoples is an ideal survey text because it covers an impressive range of topics. The wide array of images and documents are perhaps its most distinguishing feature and are ideal for short analytic assignments.”
—Richard Weyhing, State University of New York, College at Oswego


First Peoples treats one of the most difficult aspects of American history with directness and honesty in ways that preserve the agency of historic figures and peoples of the past and the present as well.”
—Michael Ward, California State University

“Colin Calloway’s First Peoples is the first truly balanced study of Native American history that blends indigenous cultural information with the story of inter-tribal relations and Indian-European American relations.”
— Michael Tate, University of Nebraska at Omaha


Colin G. Calloway

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