David L. Stern


"These chapters accomplish the subtle but important mission of knitting together population genetics and developmental biology.... Rather than talking about the need for such a synthesis, Stern has done it...." —The Quarterly Review of Biology

"The integration of developmental biology into evolutionary theory is essential to our understanding of the evolutionary process. David Stern's Evolution, Development, & the Predictable Genome is an original, timely, and articulate contribution toward that goal. He has done a masterful job of framing the essential issues, concepts, and evidence in a very accessible, student-friendly style. This is essential reading for anyone interested in evolutionary biology." —Sean B. Carroll, HHMI and University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of Endless Forms Most Beautiful and The Making of the Fittest

"One of the most exciting areas in contemporary biology is the conjunction of evolutionary biology with rapid advances in developmental biology and genomics. David Stern provides a marvelously clear introduction to evolutionary developmental biology, by showing how genes affect the development of organisms' features, and how this knowledge helps us understand the diversification of life. This well written, beautifully produced book leads readers to one of the great frontiers in biology, and shows them the future." —Douglas J. Futuyma, State University of New York at Stony Brook, and author of Evolution

"This book is a deep, thoughtful, and timely work from one of the best scientists working in evo-devo today. It addresses, as no book has done before, the population genetic forces that shape the evolution of developmental programmes and so the diversity of life on earth. It builds on solid foundations to produce some novel and important predictions. It is rich in ideas; it is written with unsparing lucidity. It may become a classic." —Armand Marie Leroi, Imperial College London, and author of Mutants

"David Stern succeeds admirably in fusing developmental genetics of individuals with mechanisms of change in populations. The result is an insightful genomics understanding of evolution." —Peter R. Grant, Princeton University, and author of How and Why Species Multiply

"Drawing from the most recent empirical evidence, David Stern seamlessly unites the fields of population genetics and developmental biology and, in doing so, provides a novel perspective on the evolutionary process. Throughout, Stern generates new provocative theories about the mechanistic basis of organismal diversity. He does all this with clarity, insight, and enthusiasm." —Hopi E. Hoekstra, Harvard University

"A beautifully written synthesis of the causes of evolution in populations and the mechanisms of development. It builds a convincing genetic framework for understanding adaptation and the divergence of species." —Dolph Schluter, University of British Columbia, and (with Michael Whitlock) author of The Analysis of Biological Data


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