David L. Tauck


"This book breaks a complex problem apart, and step by step teaches students how to think about a physics problem, rather than just substitute a formula."
-Yiyan Bai: Houston Community College

"This book is great for teaching physics the right way."
-Avishek Kumar: Arizona State University

"This chapter is very well written and one of the best on Fluids that I have read for a non-calculus based text. The main strengths are: 1. The comprehensiveness of the various topics without the mathematical details. 2. The numerical examples to explain the various topics 3. "Got the Concepts" that challenges the students to think."
-Arup Neogi: University of North Texas

"This is an excellent physics textbook. I particularly like the easy-to-understand bubble text to clarify equations and figures, which many students typically spend quite some time to understand. The clearly written example problems and solution steps are also essential for this book, which I expect the students to like a lot…The presentation of this book is outstanding. It will be a good choice for students with wide ranging math and physics backgrounds."
-Fengyuan Yang: The Ohio State University

"The worked example in the text are excellent, with more detail and consistency of approach than is typical in a textbook at this level."
-Matthew Craig, Minnesota State University Moorhead

"This textbook does a good job of describing the physics concepts while providing many examples of typical problems. The examples are done in a useful way, by not just showing the mathematical steps but also justifying in the text why the steps or approach is taken."
-Jeremy Armstrong, University of Nebraska at Kearney

"This is is the best treatment of Maxwell's equations in electromagnetic waves I have ever seen in an algebra-based physics textbook."'
-Lawrence Rees, Brigham Young University


“A refreshing way to talk about physics (from descriptive to cal-based, from serious PHYS to interesting facts of life science)."
Chuji Wang, Mississippi State University

“This is the best bio-app text I have seen.”
Mark James, Northern Arizona University

“The detailed development of biological examples sets the book apart.”
Carey Witkov, Broward College

“This [the Worked Example] is a nice introduction/review to basic calculus concepts. I appreciate it most when the author uses examples to reinforce the mathematics—not common in modern textbooks.”
Mark Lattery, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

“I think the estimations problems are a wonderful idea and I may start using them in my classes.”
Robert Mania, Kentucky State University

“I didn’t think of this book as physics with a life science bent. It is an Engineering physics book with plenty of applications in life science and other areas.  It is appropriate for all engineers.”
Bereket Berhane, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

“This calculus based book can be used for teaching students with no calculus background.”
Prem Chapagain, Florida International University

“I find this book easier to read than others, the language is more informal, yet it tells you everything.”
Stiliana Savin, Barnard College


David L. Tauck

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