David M. Gordon


 “This is a valuable book for college-level history students because it allows them to recognize that racism and systematic and organized racial discrimination are essential characteristics of the history of the modern world. The selected primary documents provide concrete evidence concerning how people in South Africa established, operated, reinforced, contested, and resisted this institution.”
-Tomoyuki  Sasaki, College of William and Mary

 “This concise volume provides important primary sources, especially from unheard of historical actors, among them ordinary people, peasants, workers and so on, whose voices we seldom hear in most historical narratives on South Africa. For this reason, the volume casts light on the lived experiences of people whose perspectives help us get a more inclusive and wholesome representation of the evolution of apartheid in South Africa.”
-Tamba E. Mbayo, West Virginia University

 “This is an excellent collection of primary sources on one of the most important social justice issues in twentieth-century world history. The author places these documents in their proper historical context and offers students a wide variety of perspectives. This would be strong addition to courses on twentieth-century world history, Africa, the history of colonialism, and the history of race.”
-Michael Vann, Sacramento State University


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