Dolph Schluter


"Michael Whitlock and Dolph Schluter have managed to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of writing a statistical analysis text for biology and health science students that is both rigorous in presentation and truly enjoyable to read. They avoid excessive jargon and drive home the major points with wonderfully interesting and relevant biological examples. They write in an engaging style that shows their considerable experience in teaching these principles to students. This book should be in the hands of every young biologist or health science student trying to learn the basics of statistical analysis." —John Thompson, University of California, Santa Cruz

"This is a lively and inspiring book on Statistics for Biology and Medical students. Concepts are clearly expressed, demonstrated with compelling examples from real problems using real data, and illustrated with informative graphs. Question sets are engaging, appropriate and frequently fun. Informative, stimulating and valuable, the book will be a treasure for both students and professors. It is the best of its kind." —B. Rosemary Grant, Princeton University
“This text is at just the right level for an introductory statistics course and presents interesting, real-world examples from a wide range of biological disciplines. The authors’ humor and obvi- ous joy in their examples makes me smile—when was the last time you could say that about a statistics text?” —Maria E. Orive, University of Kansas
"Finally, a statistics text that my students actually enjoy reading! The excellent coverage for an introductory book, the conversational writing style, the clear, step-by-step treatment of the illustrative problems, and the extensive practice problem sets, make The Analysis of Biological Data a pleasure for teaching." —Robert Ricklefs, University of Missouri, St. Louis
"This book is engaging, intuitive, and with a coverage and pace that is perfect for a first statistics course in biology." —Allen J. Moore, University of Exeter 
"Whitlock and Schluter have produced an introduction to statistics that is both accessible in its content and compelling in its examples—it should be read by every young biologist. This book will convince even the most reluctant student of the importance of statistical thinking in modern biology." —Patrick Phillips, University of Oregon
 "At last, a book that brings back some of the joy in teaching statistics to biologists! It's a wonderful experience to teach to a class that actually enjoys the recommended text." —Simon Robson, James Cook University
"This book is the closest I can find to the course I teach. As I read through the chapters I find myself rewriting my lectures in my head—partly because so many of my favorite examples are there. The book makes you feel as if you are in Mike or Dolph's office with a cup of coffee and they are explaining these concepts at the blackboard. It’s the most approachable statistics book I’ve ever seen. It includes some topics that are almost completely ignored in other texts, such as odds-ratios and alternatives to linear regression. Finally, the collection of questions is fantastic. My students are always asking for more problem sets; I never have enough. I can easily see how the questions alone will transform my course." —Brad Anholt, University of Victoria 
"The authors’ approach to teaching statistics truly makes the appropriate connections to the kinds of problems and data biological researchers will encounter in the 21st century." —Grace Wyngaard, James Madison University
"This text defies the stereotype that statistics is a dry and humorless subject that is only accessible to specialists. It accomplishes that rarely achieved goal of teaching the conceptual basis of statistical analyses without allowing the student either to overlook or to drown in the underlying mathematics.
Ample amounts of real scientific data provide credible examples, and remind biologists of any age how weird and wonderful the world really is." —Susan M. Lehman, Brock University

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