Douglas M. Fraleigh


"I am a Speech Language Pathologist as well as a professor of Communication Studies. As a Speech Pathologist for over 22 years, I realize the importance and the value of using a multi-modality approach to teaching. With your text you are able to relay a great deal of abstract theory within illustrations which will appeal to the students. I also think that they will generate conversations in the classroom."

Talia Lipton, Rockland Community College

"My initial reaction is excitement. The authors differentiate themselves from other intro texts with their focused pedagogical approach combining illustrations with concepts in order to enhance student understanding of concepts."

Brent Kice, U of Houston—Clear Lake

"The use of visual stimulation alongside the text is a very good choice. Many of our students today grew up through visual stimulation both in and out of the classroom, so they are predisposed to approach learning from this perspective. I do not feel, in contrast, that other texts on the market currently put emphasis on this style of learning to the extent that this… text would do."

Jason Nado, Blackhawk Technical College
“I will use it forever. I shill it to anyone who will listen… It has a deep and competent understanding of speaking as audience-centered rhetoric, and it practices what it preaches -- its illustrations make it the best piece of educational rhetoric for the audience of public speaking students that I've found. This is how I describe it to colleagues. But mostly I show it to them and says things like 'Isn't that sweet? Wait, check out the page with the shark, that's my favorite.' ”
-- Steven S. Vrooman, Texas Lutheran University
I have taught public speaking courses for 15 years, and I have used all types of textbooks…  I have used large traditional texts, spiral-bound texts, and everything in between.  I selected the Speak Up text this semester because I feel as if it speaks most to students at a student level.  I feel as if the text is contemporary, up to date, and provides students with a writing style that – if they take the time to read – is appealing to them and easy to understand. 
-- Chandra K Massner, Communication, University of Pikeville
I believe that the tandem illustrations are what makes this book easy for students to grasp the concepts put forth!!  I find the humor very appealing, and do not find anything least appealing…I think the illustrations drive home the points made in the text.  I frequently use the illustrations to invoke conversation in the class. 
--Scott Haywood, Language Arts, Northern Oklahoma College
“I love this text book! I like the way it reads. I like the coverage of topics. I love the illustrations.... It is the perfect mix of theory and application. The examples are relevant and the illustrations are perfect for getting students to actually read the text.”
-- Sandra K. Bowen, Fayetteville Technical Community College


Douglas M. Fraleigh

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