Eric Chiang

Eric Chiang

Eric Chiang received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and his Masters and Doctorate in Economics at the University of Florida. His first academic position was at New Mexico State University. Currently, Eric is Associate Professor and Graduate Director in the Economics Department at Florida Atlantic University. Eric also serves as the Director of Instructional Technology for the College of Business. In 2009, Eric was recipient of FAU’s highest teaching award, the Distinguished Teacher of the Year. He received the Stewart Distinguished Professorship awarded by the College of Business among numerous other teaching awards.

He has published 32 articles in peer-reviewed journals on a range of subjects including technology spillovers, intellectual property rights, telecommunications, and health care. His research has appeared in leading journals including the Review of Economics and Statistics, Economics Letters, and the Southern Economic Journal. He has presented at major conferences as well as at universities and organizations across the country and world.

As an instructor who teaches both face-to-face and online courses, Eric uses a variety of technological tools including clickers, text-response systems, and homework management systems to complement his active learning style lectures. As an administrator in the College of Business, Eric’s role as Director of Instructional Technology involves assisting instructors with effectively implementing classroom technologies. In this position, Eric also ensures that the quality of online courses meets accreditation standards including those set by AACSB. In addition to his dedication to teaching economic principles and his administrative duties, Eric devotes time to new research in economic education. His current research agenda focuses on the long-term effects of digital education and the power of visual learning.

The fourth edition of Economics: Principles for a Changing World embodies Eric’s devotion to economic education and to providing unique global perspectives that represent the diversity among students and teachers.In his spare time, Eric enjoys studying cultures and languages. He has visited all 50 U.S. states and over 80 countries, and enjoys long jogs and walks when he explores each destination in order to experience local life to the fullest.

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