Hannah Rubenstein


"The text offers a concise overview of the most useful public speaking advice on the market today." —Kevin Rushing, Alverno College

"It is the perfect book for beginning public speakers who need a comprehensive overview of the principles of public speaking delivered in a concise, easy to read format." —Elyse Warford-Spearman, California State University, Northridge

"This book is a pocket-size text with a wealth of knowledge." —Ayanna Bridges, Metropolitan Community College

"A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking is a strong resource textbook in terms of content, readability, and accessibility. All of the main topics are covered with sufficient examples to illustrate the concepts." —Melissa Johnson, Valencia College


“This style accommodates today’s learning style in a fast-paced society.”
-- Keith Poole, Isothermal Community College

“A good solid introductory text that is appropriate for an introductory public speaking course.”
-- Kevin Mitchell, College of Southern Nevada

“Personally, I love the design of the book, since it is so easy to search for specific topics.”
-- Terri Scrima, Arapahoe Community College

“An effective and efficient way to teach types of speeches to college students. A textbook that could be kept for professional pointers.”
-- Annette Joseph, Pace University

“A great informative, thorough book of introduction to public speaking.”
-- Emanuel Pantelidis, Pace University

“Overall, very well planned and constructed, and the format is user-friendly.”
-- Sarah Cole, Framingham State University

“It is a great reference guide. Students can easily go back and forth through the text to find helpful information through the use of the tabs. The Guidebook uses several annotated student speeches that are educational and more "hands on" examples for students when they are developing their speeches. Overall, the book is detailed and accessible.”
-- Jen Anderson, Bellevue College


Hannah Rubenstein

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