Hugo Bedau


"From Critical Thinking to Argument is accessible and guides students clearly in becoming more insightful thinkers and writers."
–Rick Rivera, Columbia College

"From Critical Thinking to Argument is a compact guide to all issues related to critical thinking, reading, writing, and argument. Including discussions on logical fallacies and models of argument as well as visual rhetoric and rhetorical analysis, this text offers all the essential materials a class on argument needs."
–Susan Wright, Campbellsville University

"From Critical Thinking to Argument presents a diverse range of argument techniques and approaches and can serve as the basis for several types of rhetoric and composition courses. It offers more in the way of rhetorical range and affordability than any volume I've seen."
–Christine Gray, Community College of Baltimore County

"Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing is an affordable, concise textbook that focuses on all the important concepts students need to know to be successful writers in college and beyond." —Africa Fine, Palm Beach State College

"Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing is a relevant text that helps educate the student not only in writing, but in critical thinking and examining assumptions as well." —Christine Brooks, Community College of Vermont

"Current Issues and Enduring Questions is a thinking person's text."
—Patricia Mesch, Bellevue College

"Current Issues and Enduring Questions offers the perfect balance: giving students top-quality material to allow them to grow as academic writers while offering instructors support to utilize this textbook to its full potential."
—Erin Carroll, Ocean County College

"In Current Issues and Enduring Questions, Barnet, Bedau, and O’Hara have assembled an infinitely resourceful textbook that illuminates timeless, difficult concepts while remaining open and accessible to the contemporary student writer."
—Robert Piluso, Chaffey College


Hugo Bedau

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