Ingrid Johnsrude


I think a good textbook is one that helps students master the material. If there is some relevant Canadian connection to make the content more meaningful, then great. I find textbooks that are "Canadianized" with a sprinkling of random Canadian trivia to be far less compelling and useful; I predict students feel the same way. I think your text strikes a great balance.
Veronica Stinson, Saint Mary’s University

I think their [the authors’] approach is exactly the way a textbook should be. In this way, students will be more likely to read it and also more likely to remember it!
Karen McDonald, Saint Mary’s University 

The way that most things are written in this text flows extremely well. There is an enormous amount of examples that tie the story together, and this increases the readability of the text.  My goal in teaching Intro Psychology is to make students realize how relevant psychology is to their understanding of themselves and to the world around them. The way this text is written definitely helps with this. This textbook is one of the least "dry" texts I have seen.
Kimberly Burton, Marianopolis College 

Overall, I very much appreciate the balanced presentation of empirical findings in the text.
Stephanie Griffiths, Okanagan College 

I think your intelligence section is fantastic, you explain h2 well, address the complexities of changing IQ over age and historical time as well as the role of SES and education.  Great job on a complicated and sensitive topic!
Jill Atkinson, Queen’s College 

No text can be all things to all people, but I find this text to be particularly well-written, authoritative, and conducive to critical thinking (as compared with other intro texts I have used).
Stephanie Griffiths, Okanagan College

I am especially excited about the sections that show just how important the readers (students) are to the authors. The Chapter 7 section on learning in the classroom - fantastic. The "other voices" and "changing minds" sections, likewise wonderful, because of their content and how they showcase psychology as a diverse and robust field.
Stephanie Griffiths, Okanagan College

Ingrid Johnsrude

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