Jane E. Aaron


“The Compact Reader contains a variety of perspectives, which inspires discussion, encourages critical thinking, and above all leads to empathy, which for any writer – at any stage – is crucial.” --Dorothy Erickson, Adjunct Professor

“The essays are great, but the rest of the book is what makes it soar.” --Rebecca Mooney, Bakersfield College

“The Compact Reader offers students and instructors ways to access excellent writing instruction packaged economically. The essays are meaningful, often provoking lively discussion.” --Marie Iglesias-Cardinale, Genesee Community College

“The Compact Reader is a good guide for beginning teachers and writers alike. Its focus on differing purposes, audiences, and situations make it an ideal text for the composition classroom.” --Carla Kirchner, Southwest Baptist University

"Year after year, The Brief Bedford Reader provides clear guidance and models of writing that my students really understand. Its concise, specific instruction is a great asset."
—Donna French, Valencia College

"In my view, The Brief Bedford Reader provides just the right mix of essays, information about rhetorical methods, and reference materials." 
—Todd McCann, Bay de Noc Community College

"Instructor tested, student approved." 
—Mary Bradley, Eastern Florida State College

"A model approach to freshman composition, with updated, interesting readings, and useful resources."
—Nanci Love, Bay de Noc Community College
"I’ve never looked into another Bedford/St. Martin’s book because this one has been practically perfect for me."
Elizabeth Cochrane, Harper College
"The Bedford Reader is a classic because it strives to be contemporary, always looking for ways to engage the critical thinking of the next generation of students with thought-provoking readings and a solid grounding in composition fundamentals."
Joseph Couch, Montgomery College
"The Bedford Reader is a dynamic textbook that merges modern and traditional instruction and readings into an accessible and practical resource for students entering into college writing."
Laura LaFlair, Belmont Abbey College 
"A handy, well-stocked reader that provides helpful guidance for student writers."
— Laura Smith, University of New Hampshire
"Diverse and engaging, with some of the best comprehensive yet concise material available on the writing process."

— Jessica Baldanzi, Goshen College

"40 Model Essays is an excellent mix of traditional and timely essays by well-known and respected writers. In addition to the text, there is comprehensive support for writing and documentation online. It's portable and affordable and easily integrated into either a thematic or modal approach to teaching freshmen composition."

— Judy Bello, Lander University


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