Janet Belsky


"This text covers lifespan development in a manner that can easily be accomplished in one semester, with 15 chapters rather than close to 20. This text offers great review questions throughout the chapters with excellent images and photographs to supplement the material. This text is also an excellent read for undergraduate students in any academic major" --- Chrysalis Wright, University of Central Florida;

"Your students will thank you for using such a readable book that makes the topic of development both interesting and accessible. This is a user-friendly text." --- Lena K. Ericksen, Ph.D., Western Washington University

"I have never seen a textbook that covers the lifespan in such a clear and concise, but also detailed way as the Belsky text. The supplemental information embedded within the text is relatable to students and attracts their interest in the topic. To me this is the best lifespan development text on the market. This text also uses great real world examples that students can relate to and encourages students to critically think about many questions and dilemmas that arise in development I always say I will never change this text out. I haven't seen another textbook that adequately covers the lifespan as well as this text and does so in a thought provoking and easy to understand way." --- Heidi Beattie, Troy University

"The greatest strength of this textbook is Janet Belsky's writing style. You feel as if she is talking to you, explaining things so well and telling you about her own life. It's a wonderful skill. My students tell me it is an easy book to read and it keeps their interest." --- Suzy Horton, Mesa Community College

"I love the attachment section in Ch. 4. It is more thorough than in other texts I’ve used and it is such an important topic in development. I also love how Belsky presents different sides of some controversial topics in human development and invites the students to decide for themselves, but to use critical thinking skills based on research (such as co-sleeping, pros and cons of hospice care, etc.)" --- Wendy Bianchini Morrison, Montana State University - Bozeman

"The last several sentences of the final chapter are so touching and nicely wrap-up the entire theme of the course that I often will read them word for word for the students. One student in conversation referred to the text as a perfect guide for life and another said reading it was like reading one of those popular press psychology magazines. The text and the way it is written is relevant to any major, not just psychology. Since selecting this book for the 2008 academic year I have not looked at any other textbook for the course. Why change when the book is engaging, covers the needed material and does so in a thoughtful way that hits both the "science" and "humanness" of human psychology?"--- Chad Keller, Lewis and Clark Community College

"I have read every single word of your "Experiencing the Lifespan" textbook. It may not seem so, but that says A LOT about your writing. I have never read anywhere close to a full textbook across my 20+ years of education. Thank you for sharing tidbits about your own life in the text, for obtaining such relevant quotes from others, for crafting a story-like text, and for producing a textbook that encouraged me to read every bit of it. I have never felt this way about a textbook before. Thank you."
--- Nicole Mulcahy, student

 “I like the text because it contains material that is not included in my current book and because I think the layout and format is appealing, and very readable! I like the author’s writing style and I think that undergraduates would find it enjoyable to read.”
-- Deborah Chapin, University at Albany

What do students think? Here's a note from a student to Janet Belsky:
"I am writing you to tell you how much I enjoyed your book - Experiencing the Lifespan (4th ed.) I am enrolled in an online summer course and when I realized I would have to read the textbook cover-to-cover to pass the course I was overwhelmed with pure dread - I am an auditory learner and have a tough time teaching myself via a textbook. However, like you said in Chapter 1, this text was meant to be read like a story. Your book is the first textbook I have ever read in full and thoroughly enjoyed! Your writer side really shines throughout this book and I just wanted to thank you personally for essentially being my (great) teacher. I feel better prepared to understand my students once I finally start my career. I also feel like got to know you a little bit through your writing, and the level of intimacy your book provided was appreciated and helped me learn better. It made me feel like the concepts were within my reach."

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that you’ve inspired me. Thank you for writing this book! This is definitely the only textbook I’ve ever wanted to keep or just keep reading at all! Thank you for using your gift for writing because otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this email, and feeling optimistic that through what I’ve learned, I'm on my way to a happy and successful life!!"
- Troy University Student


Janet Belsky

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