Jerry Johnson


David French, Tidewater Community College

"Excellent! This chapter [Chapter 4] has great, relevant (and realistic) data and examples!"

David French, Tidewater Community College

"Great job on the exercises. I am happy to see this text does not include any (or hardly any) generic, non-application exercises. All the exercises in chapter 5 are applications. Excellent."

Cindy Vanderlaan, Purdue University

"This is just one of so many examples making it obvious that the author has invested a great deal of thought and time to make this textbook an interesting and effective learning tool for any reader."

Lauren Fern, University of Montana

"The writing style is quite accessible and friendly, yet precise and accurate with all concepts being adequately defined. The authors have an engaging writing style; it is direct, personable, clear and concise and makes few assumptions. They provide excellent explanations as well as accessible examples while making excellent points throughout."

Lauren Fern, University of Montana

"The text has plenty of worked examples which serve to motivate the concepts and illustrate various ideas. They are well-chosen and have well-developed explanations. The authors do an excellent job of guiding the students through the various steps to solve the problem, not only explaining how but also why."

Mary Ann Barber, University of North Texas

"Writing is excellent."

Darry Andrews, The Ohio State University

"Wow! In this Chapter [Chapter 7] the examples are of the highest quality and practical."

Haazim Sabree, Perimeter College at Georgia State University

"I found that data and examples to be extremely relevant, pertinent, contemporary, and compelling much more so that our present text."


Jerry Johnson

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