John Archibald


"This is a smart, thorough book. It’s serious enough in tone to be respectful both to the readership and to the discipline, but light enough to allow the authors’ enjoyment of their field to shine through."
— Sheri Wells-Jensen, Bowling Green State
"This is an excellent and challenging textbook to introduce linguistics to students. It’s comprehensive, balanced, and up-to-date."
— Yong Lang, University of Texas-Pan American

"This book is amazingly up to date, incorporates a variety of theoretical perspectives, and covers everything in all the right proportions."
— Chris Wen-Chao Li, San Francisco State University

"Students do not just sell this text back to the bookstore at the end of the term, they keep it as a reference book and use it to continue exploring topics in linguistics."
— Janet Cowal, Portland State University

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