John O'Hara


"From Critical Thinking to Argument is accessible and guides students clearly in becoming more insightful thinkers and writers."
–Rick Rivera, Columbia College

"From Critical Thinking to Argument is a compact guide to all issues related to critical thinking, reading, writing, and argument. Including discussions on logical fallacies and models of argument as well as visual rhetoric and rhetorical analysis, this text offers all the essential materials a class on argument needs."
–Susan Wright, Campbellsville University

"From Critical Thinking to Argument presents a diverse range of argument techniques and approaches and can serve as the basis for several types of rhetoric and composition courses. It offers more in the way of rhetorical range and affordability than any volume I've seen."
–Christine Gray, Community College of Baltimore County


"I particularly like that each section poses a question and includes a selection of readings that respond to the question in different ways and from different perspectives. It’s a good way to illustrate to students that their writing should be in conversation with other texts and viewpoints."

—Jennifer Parrott, Bucknell University

"I like the way the chapter titles are phrased as open-ended questions, which encourages students to focus on inquiry."
—Bill Doyle, University of Tampa

John O'Hara

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