John T. Warren


“It’s the only book of its kind on this topic, and explores the complexities of course coordinating thoroughly. If I had this book when I became a course coordinator it would have made my life much easier. Especially because there are not clear-cut academic paths to course coordinating, this book is essential to help fill in the gaps and provide a foundation for effective course coordination. Even if you have been course directing for many years, you will still discover ideas in this book that you can use.”
—Cynthia Duquette Smith, Indiana University
“Thorough, supportive, positive, thought provoking, detailed, credible.   Especially helpful to new or inexperienced Course Coordinators.  Great as a refresher for a seasoned pro, or as a motivator for someone who is experiencing burnout, or just needs a new perspective on the position.”  
—Brandi Quesenberry, Virginia Tech
“Anyone who is about to become a new BCD should read this book to get a crash course in how to effectively direct a course, and anyone who is already a BCD should read this book before preparing for their course each year to remind themselves of all of the best practices that they are already utilizing and for inspiration to try a few new ones.”
—Melissa Broeckelman-Post, California State University—Los Angeles

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