Joshua Gunn


Love it — I love the high energy and enthusiasm that comes through the text. I like the real-life application and relevant examples, and I like the humor infused throughout the lessons.
—Kaylea Annen, The Ohio State University

I think Josh's examples really resonate with students they watch the shows he mentions and they listen to the music he references.
—Belle Edson, Arizona State University

Speech Craft is a refreshing alternative to public speaking texts. Its "hip" artwork, conversational tone, concise presentation of core concepts, and emphasis on public speaking in all context, not just formal presentation, would appeal to our students far more than our current text.
—Lisa Packard, Gateway Technical College

A public speaking text that makes the reader feel like becoming an effective speaker is actually attainable.
—Merry Buchanan, University of Central Oklahoma

There is a real feeling that the information will help you in life, not just in the classroom or in the particular course.
—David Majewski, Richard Bland College of William & Mary

This text offers a contemporary and relevant approach to the study of public speaking, especially the ways in which traditional elements of persuasion intersect with social media and social justice.
—Christopher Joseph Westgate, Ph.D., Johnson & Wales University

"Forward thinking and relevant. Speech Craft is giving us the overarching concepts for great conversations but plenty of open space for us to take it in the direction we want to teach it."
—Pauline Matthey, Clemson University

"Most importantly, Speech Craft situates public speaking in the current historical moment of public activism and engagement."
—Sandy Pensoneau-Conway, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

"I like the first person approach, the humor, and the sometimes casual expression. All of those things make the book seem engaging and approachable. Students will feel that this is a real person talking with them. And this real person understands them and their fears and their interests."
—Pamela Solberg, Western Technical College

"The writer explicitly identifies students' feelings about being required to take the class and about speaking anxiety, and the author emphatically addresses those feelings, which will make a student feel good about the book - this is not an interpersonal textbook, but instead is someone who is writing to me, someone who understands me."
—Amy Powell, Central Michigan University

"I am particularly pleased with the amount of scholarly research included and cited/explained for students."
—Kyle Kelly, SW Michigan College

"Gunn's book, Speech Craft, advances language and performance that are inviting and possible for our students in their roles as emerging speakers with their individual craft and messaging."
—R. Joseph Rodriguez, University of Texas at El Paso

"The chapters are incredibly well written and engaging. I would best describe them as thoughtful. I found myself nodding and saying 'that's right' more than ever in response to the information that was included."
—Erica Cooper, Roanoke College

"Very accessible, easy to follow, quality information presented in an easy-to-digest format."
—Tami Martinez, Indiana University South Bend

"I would say that the material is an educational treasure. It is a most valuable instructional tool."
—James Stewart, Tennessee Technological University

"This book is very effective at meeting students on their level, providing excellent and relevant examples, and making the subject approachable. I think students would learn more from this text because they would be more likely to read it. It's written in an effective, easy to read way."
—Mary Beth Ashbury, Middle Tennessee State University

"I like the conversational tone…It feels like it would connect well with the freshman level student, not too easy, but not too complex."
—Amber Edwards, Dean College


Joshua Gunn

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