Kathleen Stassen Berger


“This book contains great special topic boxes that encourage student and classroom discussion. It is clearly written in such a way that students can relate to the material being taught. The examples given correspond to the photographs included which correspond to the key terms that the students need to know in order to be successful in the class.”
– Andrea Fillip, College of the Mainland

Invitation to the Life Span is an easy to read and understand comprehensive account of development from conception to death - the gold standard for textbooks on this topic.” 
– Ty Abernathy, Mississippi State University

“I usually tell other professors about this textbook and how it does a really good job in delivering some of the most important concepts to students about human development in only 15 chapters! I also mention that the book comes with a lot of helpful tools and resources for students and for instructors who might be looking for different ways to enhance student learning."
–  Valerie Neeley, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

“Berger’s Introduction to the Lifespan is a well-written and comprehensive look at human development - physical, cognitive, emotional and social — across the entire life time. The text integrates science across subfields and helps students develop a deep understanding of how body, mind and the social world are interrelated for each unique person. Through examples, questions and data, readers are encouraged to challenge their own biases and assumptions about development. I cannot imagine not using this text.”
– Lori Puterbaugh, St. Petersburg College-Clearwater


I use the book because I am able to get my students to read it and that is always a plus. The author writes well and gives great examples and illustrations of specific points and topics. I prefer it over others I have used.

--Vernell Larkin, Hopkinsville Community College

"Best text I have reviewed and I have reviewed virtually all of the most popular texts in the field. The instructor's manual is par excellence. It is in a class all its own. Nothing even comes in a close second." —Dan Grangaard, Austin Community College

"Berger text is my favorite textbook - students see themselves - not just old white folks talking about old research."
Patricia Jolley, Austin Community College

"If teaching a lifespan development course, this text is all you need. It includes all of the information (and more) you could ever want for teaching a full lifespan approach."
Melissa Ralston, University of Florida

"This book includes everything you would want to teach your developmental students...and more."
Melissa Bright, University of Florida

"This book is about the best on the market. It has a new companion learning tool which is LaunchPad. Students love it!"
Faith Edwards, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

"I have been using this particular text for more than 10 years. It has remained current. It engages students, and is easy to understand. What this author does better than most is to present the information in an almost conversational style. Students appreciate this and I find that it motivates them to read the text more thoroughly."
Dani Hodge, California State University, San Bernardino

"She has done it again! My students love using her text and I have been told by many that they keep the text as reference for later."
Raquel Henry, Lone Star College-Kingwood

"I have been using Berger's textbook for 11 years. It is, by far, the best, most readable, textbook on lifespan development I have found."
Richard Marmer, American River College

“Her writing style is particularly accessible, and her simple explanations of complex terminology are quite refreshing. The varied features that she integrates throughout the text help elaborate or give greater insight...She integrates various cultural perspectives throughout the text that help students grasp the complexity of particular issues.”
Valerie Flores, Loyola University Chicago

Kathleen Stassen Berger

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