Keith Hjortshoj


"Hjortshoj demystifies the college experience and offers freshmen (or high school seniors) tools that will help them know how to succeed in college from the first day, without having to fumble around or struggle in their first semesters."
— Ronit Berger, Rice University
"Hjortshoj unpacks and analyzes extremely difficult aspects of the writing process in a way that’s very accessible. He finds clear ways to illustrate the recursive nature of the writing process."
— Glenn H. McKnight, Drake University

"When I use this text in my peer tutoring seminar, in which most of the students are juniors and seniors, they always say they wished they had seen this when they were first-year students. It is clear, concise, and to the point."
— Caroline L. Eisner, University of Michigan

"After having taught freshman seminars for ten years, I had given up on finding a first-year seminar text that effectively addressed the key elements that prevent many students from achieving their academic goals. But The Transition to College Writing presents information that clearly characterizes the challenges students face as they make the adjustment to university-level coursework."
— Mary F. Engel, The University of Scranton

"It engages some of the most vexing and perplexing issues in grammar, composition, and pedagogy yet neither oversimplifies nor confuses. Students should find it both useful and refreshing, especially in conjunction with sound classroom instruction."
— Mark Meritt, University of San Francisco

Keith Hjortshoj

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