Kimberley Waldron


“I can’t wait to teach from Waldron’s text! My students and I have long enjoyed her engaging writing style. She explains difficult topics with such ease and clarity. Equally important, she complements her prose with strategically placed questions that allow students to assess their comprehension and conceptual understanding. All in all, 21st Century Chemistry is an excellent learning and teaching tool. The best of its kind.” —Barbara Zazzi, University of Hawaii/Hawaii Community College

“Waldron’s book is perfect for students who want to learn the science behind how the world works but are unfamiliar with chemistry. She writes in a manner accessible to everyone and, most importantly, illustrates the chemistry concepts in the context of “real-world” stories. Students can really see why these concepts matter.” —Christopher Nichols, California State University, Chico

“Designed specifically for the non-science major, Waldron uses examples from the media— as well as lesser-known facts—to introduce chemical principles in a way that is thorough yet accessible. The chapters build on one another so that instructors can pick and choose based on their own areas of expertise. The natureboxes, Green Beats, and environmental chapters are especially timely and will appeal to today’s students.” —Amber M. Hupp, College of the Holy Cross

“21st Century Chemistry is engaging and easy-to-understand. By giving students a basic understanding of the science in the news today, Waldron equips students to make informed personal and societal choices, as well as helps them navigate the media’s presentation of data. A great book for beginning scientists or non-science majors.” —Tamara D. Hamilton, Barry University

“21st Century Chemistry exposes students to current issues with a focus on using critical thinking skills and applying the scientific method. Topics range from the simple structure of atoms and the importance of water, to the more complex environmental issues and biochemistry of foods. Each topic is relevant, interesting, and clearly presented. The variety of topics also allows instructors the flexibility to adapt their course for students with varying levels of science background.” —Mary Bethé Neely, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

 "Kimberley Waldron has explained chemical principles in a clear and conversational tone, making the subject accessible by linking concepts to their modern applications and by clearly presenting solutions to example problems." —Eric Ball, Metropolitan State University of Denver


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