Lee A. Jacobus


"The Bedford Introduction to Drama is the best anthology available, offering wide-ranging coverage and significant context. I am able to adapt the book to several courses."
–Mark Cosdon, Allegheny College and President, American Theatre and Drama Society

"I have not yet found another anthology that can ‘hold a candle’ to The Bedford Introduction to Drama. The diverse collection of plays, essays, and contextual information that is included with the plays, are just perfect for my students."
–Jeannine Russell, Wichita State University

"An excellent balance between introductory and advanced materials that acknowledges drama and theatre as both literary and performance arts."
–Gregory Kable, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"I used A World of Ideas when I was enrolled in junior college. And now that I teach at the same institution, I believe it's my moral obligation to provide my English composition students with a similar wealth of ideas that will shape and reshape their views of the world. I am able to fulfill this academic commitment through Lee Jacobus's text, for as Plato would say, it remains ‘truly rich . . . in virtue and wisdom.’"
–Jason Casem, Long Beach City College

"A World of Ideas is the one text you need if you want your students to appreciate how writing has shaped the world they've inherited and the world they will pass on to their children. No other reader on the market comes close. It's the only book in in its class that shows students how writing impacted the world we inherited."
–Greg Underwood, Pearl River Community College

"A World of Ideas takes excerpts from serious, seminal texts and packs them into an amazing anthology. Given that so many students come into college with little in the way of scholarship when it comes to the classics of the Western canon, it seems appropriate to try to expose them to ideas that have shaped Western culture. A composition course might be the only place they are ever allowed to read Thoreau, Machiavelli, Arendt, Douglass or Rousseau."
–Jon Brammer, Three Rivers Community College

"A World of Ideas will open your eyes to areas of immense importance of what it means to be a human being. You are going to read the best that has been written on democracy, government, ethics, wealth, gender, language, and education by not only the greatest thinkers in human history but also the contemporary ones. Challenge these thinkers, and be ready to be enlightened and challenged by them."
–Suocai Su, Harold Washington College

"A World of Ideas is the text that made me an English major."
–Garry Partridge, San Antonio College

“Lee A. Jacobus has done it again. In Approaching Great Ideas, Jacobus presents both traditional and contemporary texts that invite critical thinking, creates meaningful, relevant themes, and then uses careful scaffolding to help students write scholarly papers that are important to all audiences. This is as close to the ‘perfect’ anthology as I can find.” -Janet Mitchell Lambert, Pasadena City College

“If you are looking for a challenging yet imminently accessible freshman composition reader, look no further than Approaching Great Ideas. Boasting a wealth of student-friendly questions, prompts, and guidance, Lee Jacobus, like a wise friend, leads students and teachers through centuries of the best that has been thought and said.” –Justin Williamson, Pearl River Community College

“It’s important for college students to be exposed to some classic writing early in their college careers, not just in higher level courses. Approaching Great Ideas provides an excellent vehicle for that sort of exposure.” –Christina Lovin, Eastern Kentucky University

“Life is short, so we should read, learn, and teach the ‘great ideas’ to students who are paying good money to learn to think. If not great ideas, then what? Second-rate ideas? Sort-of-okay ideas? And if not now, in their first year of college, when? Approaching Great Ideas gives teachers and students everything they need to tackle big ideas in composition.” –David Elias, Eastern Kentucky University


Lee A. Jacobus

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