Marianne LeGreco


“I have not yet come across another organizational communication textbook that has been more appealing to me. In fact, the changes Eisenberg et al. have made to recent editions have increased my appreciation of this text. I think it is much more concise and focused than it was in earlier editions.”  Meredith Harrigan, SUNY Geneseo

“I’ve been using this book since I taught the course in graduate school around 2000. I rely on the text heavily (assign all the chapters, assign reading quizzes, etc.). I don’t think any other books in this area are superior to this one.” Alex Lyon, SUNY Brockport

“As a student who was introduced to the field of organizational communication through this text, it only seemed natural to use it in my own classrooms. And as someone who knows and admires Eric, I enjoy the opportunity to add personal anecdotes and insights when possible.  I feel this even gives me a bit of added credibility with my students, while also humanizing the text for many of them.”  Jacob Jenkins, Cal State Channel Island

“The writing is interesting, engaging and appropriate. The authors are master writers, with a knack at clearly communicating complex ideas and concepts, while seamlessly weaving together distinct topics.  That knack comes through clear throughout this text.”  Jacob Jenkins, Cal State Channel Islands

“The writing is certainly accessible and engaging. Examples are key and a reason I have stayed with the text for years. Chapter 1 is excellent!  Great chapter for engaging class discussion.” Elizabeth Lamoureux, Buena Vista University

“Students appreciate the challenge of the style and content. The level of sophistication is, in part, what is attractive about the text.” Meredith Harrigan, SUNY Geneseo

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