Matthew L. Sanders


"It is a rare experience when students voice the opinion that a book should be required reading for everyone. But this was exactly the response of my students to Becoming a Learner. It gave them the tools to rethink their own experience and to become reflective and thoughtful about their education. This book will stay with your students long after any single course has ended."
Maria Hegbloom, Assistant Professor of Communication at Bridgewater State University

"Becoming a Learner has transformed the orientation process at Utah State University.  Students now begin with an honest conversation about why they are pursuing higher education and what characteristics they hope to develop. Once they have clarified that, students are better prepared to discuss orientation topics such as intentionally selecting courses, using resources, and overcoming challenges. I believe all students can benefit from reading this book."
Lisa Hancock, Director of Student Orientation and Transition Services at Utah State University

"My copy of Becoming a Learner is marked, tagged and worn at this point. I have this book on my shelf in my office and have had comments from students that they have read it and that it has changed their thinking and behaviors."
Tonya Jewell, Academic Advisor at Utah State University

"I think we really need to get the word out about Becoming a Learner. It fits so well with freshman and developmental writing courses. I paired it with several other readings related to succeeding in college and learning styles. The combination gave these struggling students the keys they need to succeed. For the first time for most of my students, they entered an academic conversation about learning and the purpose of college."
Wendy King, Instructor at Arizona State University

"In Becoming a Learner, Sanders highlights what many authors have not articulated in recent times: that the fundamental function of higher education is to encourage people to become learners. Every time I use this book, I get the same reaction from students, ‘I had never thought of this and no one ever encouraged me to think about learning in this way!’ With this text, Sanders makes an appeal not to forget the fundamental reasons for why higher education exists in the first place."
Wilfredo Alvarez, Assistant Professor of Communication at Northeastern Illinois University


"This is a great resource and a one-stop shop for activities to use in a variety of classes."
– Christa Tess Kalk, Minneapolis Community & Technical College

"GIFTS is an opportunity to find new resources for better classroom engagement without having to spend hours doing research." – Andrea Pearman, Tidewater Community College

"The book is a really neat and accessible collection of in-class activities that work well for teaching a wide range of concepts!" – Penny J. O’Connor, University of Northern Iowa


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