Michael G. Baylor


“This well-written and interesting book is judicious and balanced, and it offers a picture that is at once both broad and focused. Students who read it will learn a great deal.”
— Allan Galpern, University of Pittsburgh
“A superior work that provides an instantiation of the controversies of the 1520s and a clear and convenient entry to the events and the debates.”
—Ellis L. Knox, Boise State University
 “This volume fills an important gap in resources available to teach the history of the Reformation and of early modern Germany. Baylor’s introduction provides students with a clear overview of the Peasants’ War and highlights well the major questions involved in interpreting this event and its relationship to the religious changes associated with the Reformation.”
—Geoffrey Dipple, Augustana College (Sioux Falls) 
“A useful collection of documents addressing the Reformation, principally its political dimensions, and the peasants’ revolt that followed.”
—Benjamin Ehlers, University of Georgia

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