Michael Passer


"After looking at this text, I have to say that I am really quite impressed. I am not sure how I missed this one when I was looking at texts to adopt, but I think the students would like this book much better than the text I am currently using. I think this text does just as well covering the experimental methods, and the overall flow and feel of the text is very student friendly."
Kellie Hagewen, College of Southern Nevada

"The author presented the material in a friendly and easy to read style. The concept check after each section and additional web resources at the end of each chapter are strengths."
Mei-Ching Lien, Oregon State University

"This text is quite thorough and research focused without overwhelming students. It does not have unnecessary content, which I really appreciate since my focus is on helping them get their projects done. The writing style is clear and concentrated on what the students most need to know…. Overall, bravo! This text is very well done."
Rebecca Lundwall, Brigham Young University

"The chapter summary reviews and applying the knowledge sections were superb! This textbook would be an excellent candidate in selecting a new textbook."
Ricardo Castillo, Santa Ana College


Michael Passer

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