Neal Salisbury

Neal Salisbury (Ph.D., UCLA) is Professor Emeritus of History at Smith College and specializes in Native American and colonial American history, particularly in New England. He is the author of “Spiritual Giants, Worldly Empires: Indigenous Peoples and New England to the 1680s,” in The World of Colonial America: An Atlantic Handbook (2017), “The Atlantic Northeast,” in The Oxford Handbook of American Indian History (2014), and Manitou and Providence: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of New England, 1500-1643 (1982). He coauthored The People: A History of Native America (2007). He coedited Reinterpreting New England Indian History and the Colonial Experience, with Colin G. Calloway (2003) and Companion to American Indian History, with Philip J. Deloria (2002).

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