Nora Bacon


  • Students can find grammar instruction online; the kind of thing The Well-Crafted Sentence does is not easily found. (Chris Ervin, Oregon State University)
  • This isn't a handbook. It's a book about craft at the sentence level. It's a book that helps students see the potential outcome of successful and careful editing at the sentence level and how such careful editing pays for itself at the larger level of discourse, be that the paragraph, essay, or book. (Chris Ervin, Oregon State University)
  • This is a really fine book on sentence structure -- just the thing that many undergraduates need. Without dumbing down the concepts it's teaching, it's approachable and instructive. When I assign it, my students finish the semester writing clearer and more elegant sentences. (Isaac Cates, University of Vermont)
  • A small, affordable book that will help your students understand how to write well and how "good" writing is created. (Krysten Anderson, Roane State Community College)
  • The Well-Crafted Sentence provides very practical advice that allows a student to move beyond their basic understanding of the language and become the creator of their own writing. (Jennifer Lynn Browning, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College)
"Nora Bacon practices what she preaches with every well-crafted sentence."
— Audrey Bilger, Claremont McKenna College
"This is probably the most approachable style manual that I have ever encountered."
— Nate Kreuter, Western Carolina University
"Bacon's voice is clear, her instructions are simple, the exercises are good, and the examples are well-chosen."
— Lightsey Darst, North Hennepin Community College

"Instead of learning concepts by correcting errors, students learn by studying well-crafted examples from well-known texts, and practice what they have learned by writing and experimenting."
— Lothlorien Watkins, San Francisco State University

"The tone is friendly, the concepts are well-explained, and the models are well-chosen."
— Cheri Crenshaw, Dixie State College

Nora Bacon

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