Patrick Sullivan


“The proposed audience stands in need of just such a book because there is nothing currently available that captures the full range of what a 2-year college English instructor teaches.  Many of us have no training to teach reading, for example, but we are in settings that now require it—and this book delivers on the full range of the professional demands we face.” 
-- Alexis Nelson, Spokane Falls CC

“At long last, we have been given a collection of landmark essays on writing instruction at the community college.”
-- Howard Tinberg, Bristol Community College

“This collection is exactly the text that teacher-scholars at the two-year colleges have been awaiting…It helps us to examine the nature of the work we do and how that work falls into the narrative of our field and our context. It will be useful to seasoned two-year writing faculty, graduate students, professionalizing adjuncts, and college administrators alike.”
-- Cheri Spiegel, Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale

”Teaching Composition at the Two-Year College is a much-needed resource for community college teacher. At last there is a book that addresses the unique needs of community college students in composition courses, and, significantly, underscores the value of community college teachers in meeting those needs.”
-- Lisa Dresdner, Norwalk Community College


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