Peter Schakel


"I want a text that includes work by writers who look and sound like my students — who come from the places they know — as well as those whose experiences are very different from theirs. Approaching Literature allows my students to explore ‘difference.’"
-Cindy Kin, University of North Texas at Dallas

"The anthology offers our students wide exposure to both classic and modern literature with choices that include a wide range of genres and topics. The instructional parts of the text speak to the students using a tone that is lively and inclusive, making them feel that literature is valuable and accessible to all."
-Lynda Dekens, Lethbridge College

"Tailoring readings to meet the needs of academic rigor, philosophical challenge, critical thinking, developing empathy, and improving self-direction, and doing so in a way that makes learning both active and engaging within the constrictions of life’s demands, is a challenge that I think this text meets head on."
-Peter Scheponik, Montgomery County Community College


"Literature: A Portable Anthology provides engaging and diverse literature. The chapters on reading and writing about literature are clear, thorough, and very helpful. The tips and checklists address many of the issues that students struggle with when writing literary analysis. The sample assignments and essays provide excellent models."
-Lori J. Franklin, Northern New Mexico College

"A marvelous compendium of old and new pieces that is affordable and portable. It also has the advantage of excellent sections on writing about literature and useful features such as a glossary of literary terms."
-Sherry E. Moore, Eastern Oklahoma State College

"I think Literature: A Portable Anthology combines a successful range of texts with a reasonable price. The anthology is extensive enough to work well in a literature survey course without feeling excessive."
-Nikola Champlin, University of Iowa


"The strengths of 250 Poems include its affordability, its breadth in aesthetic scope and range of time covered—and its choice of poems! The poems in this book are GOOD, often just the right classic poem by a particular author. And the book is light and easy for my students to carry around."

—Cate Marvin, College of Staten Island
"I like the text’s user-friendly approach. I can easily make it work for a variety of difference courses in which poetry is a fundamental part."

— Damien Kortum, Laramie County Community College

"250 Poems is able to deliver the message that poetry is for everyone. The book itself is unintimidating in length and size. The selections are accessible. I find that many of my most reluctant students come away with a better understanding of poetry and its universal appeal."

—Sydney Elliott, Tilamook Bay Community College

Peter Schakel

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