Richard Abcarian


"Finally, an introductory literature anthology that encompasses the diverse voices of the past and the present."

-- Layla Dowlatshahi, Normandale Community College

"For faculty concerned with helping students make meaning of the world and connecting literature to their everyday experiences, this is the book of choice."

-- Lou Ethel Roliston, Bergen Community College

"My students find the selections approachable but also stimulating. I have had great success in tying the themes to students’ lives and enriching their experience of life and literature."

-- Lynn Clarkson, North Shore Community College

"The breadth of writers represented is why I pick this textbook time and time again. It caters to so many of my students’ experiences and backgrounds. As a result, the insights in class are pretty striking."

-- Antonio López, Rutgers University


"Literature: The Human Experience is easy to use, well organized by theme, and inexpensive. The discussion questions are well thought out and the suggested pairings and connections are excellent."
–Karen Ryan, Florida Gulf Coast University

"I like the clear thematic arrangement of Literature: The Human Experience. The text has a nice balance between the canonical and contemporary works, offering so much to students without overwhelming them. The book asks thoughtful questions to help students develop analytical and writing skills—everything I need for an introductory literature text."
–Yixiong Liang, Mohawk Valley Community College

"Literature: The Human Experience is a low-cost, high quality text."
–Jill Rossiter, Lewis-Clark State College

"The variety of the selections and support materials make Literature: The Human Experience a rich and convenient foundation for any literature course."
–Paul Francoeur, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

"Literature: The Human Experience has great selections and interesting and innovative groupings of texts that cater to just about any teaching approach. There's guaranteed to be material here that will provoke and engage just about any student."
–David Mulry, College of Coastal Georgia

"Literature: The Human Experience is one of the best thematic books on the market, with careful attention to the writing process while presenting some of the best that a survey course in literature has to offer."
–Lynn Furler Clarkson, North Shore Community College

"Literature: The Human Experience is a thoughtful text for students needing connection from the past to present—a great way for universal themes to be explored and show the power of literature to an open mind."
–Thomas Schaefer, Middlesex Community College

"This text provides a comprehensive introduction to literature. The Human Experience is an apt subtitle—the book covers a wide range of cultures and experiences. There combination of tried-and-true classics with more recent selections excites me as an instructor."
–Lauryn Angel, Collin College


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