Richard Campbell


“For myself and my students, the simple truth is that this is the best textbook we have ever used in my 20 years of teaching. This textbook covers the issues of media and culture in both scholarly and down-to-earth ways.” —Hsin-I Liu, University of the Incarnate Word

“It's a well-written, up-to-date book. It successfully walks the line between providing in-depth information and engaging students with fresh examples.” —Richard Craig, San Jose State University
“[The] Book comprehensively covers relevant material for an introductory mass communication text in an interactive and adaptive way for students in an online learning environment.” —Lisa Heller Boragine, Cape Cod Community College

“A concise, comprehensive, user-friendly text that merges historical storytelling with colorful examples to enhance students' media literacy.” —Andrea McDonnell, Emmanuel College

“The Media & Culture program provides a robust interactive platform with easy navigation and useful pedagogical tools.” —Julie C. Lellis, Elon University 

The perfect text for courses focused on developing essential new skills in the emerging participatory culture.—Kenneth Payne, Western Kentucky University

Media & Culture has made it so much easier to teach. My colleagues and I agree that it’s a complete package—Joy McDonald, Hampton University

Excellent and well-researched materials, excellent writing, and strong ideas for stimulating critical thinking for students – David Bradford, Eastern Florida State University

It is simply the best intro to mass communication book available. – Matthew Cecil, South Dakota State University

Media & Culture respects students’ opinions, while challenging them to take more responsibility and to be accountable for their media choices. This text is essential for professors who are truly committed to teaching students how to understand the media. –Drew Jacobs, Camden County College

"A thoughtful and friendly book about a challenging subject."

—Donna King, University of North Carolina Wilmington
"This text would definitely enrich my media literacy course!"

—Allison Harthcock, Butler University

"The book makes it clear that to study or critique mass media is not to disavow their pleasures or utilities. Students will respond well to this attitude because they are, in large part, fans and avid consumers of entertainment culture."

—Claire Sisco King, Vanderbilt University

"The authors treat the readers respectfully, inviting us into a world of analysis and criticism that is not stagnant or set in stone."

—Melissa Meade, Colby-Sawyer College

"Sophisticated concepts written in an accessible form for first and second year college students; useful assignments that are grounded in a well-thought objectives framework; broad coverage of key concepts that prepares media major for upper level work but also is a great general education text for students who may never take another media course."

—Nina Huntemann, Suffolk University

Richard Campbell

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