Richard O. Straub


“This book is written at the perfect level for undergraduates...I often turn to it myself when I am looking for a simple explanation of a phenomena”
– Marc Dingman, Pennsylvania State University

“Straub emphasizes the biopsychosocial model and presents critical content in health psychology in a clear way”
– Sasha Karnes, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

“The coverage within each chapter is extensive.  It is well organizes and very easy for students to follow.  There are a number of approaches that really help consolidate the students understand of the material presented within each chapter, including the use of illustrative examples,  and case vignettes”
– Bianca Jardin, Francis Marion University

"The greatest strengths of Straub, Health Psychology are:  “The depth and breadth of the topics covered and the strong biological and physiological foundation—these chapters lay the framework from which all the rest of the biopsychosocial research in health psychology can be interpreted”
– Judith Anderson, University of Toronto – Mississauga

“I really liked the book a lot...I found it to be very well written and at the appropriate level for the students I teach.   I also liked that it was quite well organized, which I am sorry to say I don’t always find with every textbook.  The diagrams and graphics were good-very understandable and well explained. “
– Karen Baker, University of Memphis


Richard O. Straub

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