Rise B. Axelrod


"The St. Martin’s Guide does a marvelous job of demystifying the writing process." –Wes Spratlin, Motlow State Community College

"The St. Martin’s Guide prepares students well for academic writing in college. –Mary Brantley, Holmes Community College

"It has been a very long time since I have seen a textbook on writing that I would consider adopting for my class, but I would definitely require that students purchase and recommend that they keep The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing!" –Lonetta Oliver, St. Louis Community College—Florissant Valley

"The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing will challenge students to take their writing to the next level." –Jessica Brown, Holmes Community College

"The St. Martin’s Guide supports the growth of flexible, confident student writers oriented toward writing as a process, not just a finished product. —Suzanne Roszak, University of California, Riverside

"This textbook is like having the luxury of having a teaching assistant or a teaching droid from Star Wars. Like C3PO, this text has all the answers." –James Mense, St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley

"I have yet to see another book that focuses so clearly and specifically on EVERY element of the writing process—from prewriting, to drafting, to revising…I absolutely love this book."
Kody Lightfoot, College of Southern Nevada
"The Concise Guide supports college writers without getting in their way. It’s accessible and focuses students on all the right things."
Matthew Oakes, Rock Valley College
"I like the support The Concise St. Martin’s Guide gives to my course design. Having readings, questions, writing activities, etc. already compiled together makes everything so much easier. It gives me time to focus on teaching."
Suzanne Biedenbach, Georgia Gwinnett College

"I have been using Reading Critically, Writing Well for over a decade, and it would be hard to get me to switch to another rhetoric or reader. With interesting readings, clear assignments, and helpful guides, this book helps college writers learn independently."
– Sondra Smith Gates, Kirkwood Community College

"What distinguishes Reading Critically, Writing Well is that it is one of the few composition and rhetoric textbooks that emphasizes the importance of critical reading in the writing process. It doesn't tell students what to write; it tells them what good writers look for in their readings."
– Kirstin Brunnemer, Pierce College

"Reading Critically, Writing Well delves more into deeper reading than other textbooks, which is essential to help students think more critically about the world around them. It helps them gain new insights and helps shape their place in this world and how they think about it."
– Elizabeth Langenfeld, Crafton Hills College



I have loved The St. Martin’s Guide . . . because it is solid, comprehensive, and flexible. It does not talk down to students or dumb down the material.  —Mary Brantley, Holmes Community College

A more accessible and effective guide to writing you will be hard pressed to find.  The St. Martin's Guide provides a cornucopia of powerful strategies and finely tuned examples for students and teachers alike. —Paul Beehler, University of California, Riverside

The St. Martin’s Guide excels at anchoring a composition course with its superior text models, a step-by-step apparatus, and plenty of how-to materials useful to veteran and novice teachers alike. —Lash Keith Vance, University of California, Riverside


Rise B. Axelrod

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