Robert Atwan


“A wonderful collection of engaging, diverse texts which challenge and motivate students to think in different ways.”

Cindy Casper, Norwalk Community College

“The Writer’s Presence is an excellent book for first-year composition students, with a plethora of strong, well-written essays to choose from.”

Michelle Chester, Towson University

"I love the various genres and perspectives each chapter includes. It's very cleverly mixed, and when I ask students what their favorite reading in the chapter was, they don't all give the same answer."
--Ingrid Bowman, University of California, Santa Barbara

"It is refreshing to have a textbook that is in touch with the themes and topics that are relevant in America today."
--Wanda Moody, Cisco College

"The exercises, especially the ‘Thinking Critically’ questions, are extremely helpful to students. They allow students to practice their writing without having to write several essays—and they help them engage with the texts."
--Andrew DiNicola, South Georgia State College

"America Now keeps a strong core of reading and writing about important topics at the fore of its purpose. It offers an excellent selection of tools that can be employed by instructors but does so in an unobtrusive manner that doesn't make it gimmicky or just busy work."
--Stephen Swanson, McLennan Community College


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