Robin Naidoo


"Clear, informative and hilarious. This is a must-read for anyone in conservation who knows they need to overcome their fear of economics.”
Andrew Balmford, University of Cambridge
“Conservationists definitely need to understand economics, now more than ever. I cannot think of a better team than Fisher, Naidoo and Ricketts to provide the necessary background and insights.”
Georgina Mace, University College London
“This excellent and highly accessible book shows why economics is vital to understanding both the causes and potential solutions to the ongoing loss of wild nature. It is also the only economics textbook to ever (intentionally) make me laugh!"
Ian Bateman, University of East Anglia
"Finally, a clear and approachable introduction to economics for students in conservation, natural resources, and sustainability. Where was this book when I was in school?"
Gretchen Daily, Stanford University

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