Sandra E. Hockenbury


"I would always recommend Hockenbury as the most readable and utilizable text to accompany ANY Principles of Psychology or Introduction to Psychology college course! The chapters are very readable, the pictures are excellent, and it is well-organized and well written. I suggest assigning a summary paragraph (3-5 sentences) to be read BEFORE each PowerPoint lecture. Then, with the addition of demonstrations and real-life examples PSYCHOLOGY can "come alive" to your students and be a thrilling stepping stone into their futures."
Linda Dunn, Thomas Nelson Community College

"[This] text would be an excellent choice to give students a solid foundation in terms of psychological concepts, and includes many tools and features that will equip them to apply theses concepts in and outside of the classroom. The accompanying supplemental digital materials are designed to hold the interest of today's tech-savvy students. It is a combination of classical and contemporary psychology all in one package."
Brenda Beagle, John Tyler Community College, Chester

"This textbook has the same chapters as every other intro psych textbook, and covers the same topics, but does so in an interesting, appealing way that should help students succeed in the course. It works very well for us at our college, and would probably do the same at most other colleges."
Craig Bowden, Mid-State Technical College, Wisconsin Rapids


Sandra E. Hockenbury

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