Stephen Mihm


“This edition usefully allows students to perceive Barnum's naughty sense of humor, his business acumen, and his advertising genius--all in the context of the day. With its addition of images and documents, including book reviews, an obituary, and Barnum's writing on business practices, this edition is invaluable for courses on American history, the media, business, and self-making.”
—Carolyn Eastman, Virginia Commonwealth University
“This is a unique primary source collection that allows undergraduates to understand the rapidly changing landscape of American capitalism over the course of the 19th century. The history of capitalism literature is, to a fault, structural--it is chiefly interested in getting at how big, abstract institutions function.  Lost in this has been the human element.  This book allows you to see that human element in action (the story is also fun).”
—Gautham Rao, American University
“I would strongly encourage colleagues teaching courses on antebellum America, nineteenth-century America, the history of capitalism, and popular culture history to adopt this volume for their courses.”
—Brian Luskey, West Virginia University

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