Timothy Corrigan


"A beautifully written, attractively presented book that manages to incorporate an extraordinary amount of information, insight and analysis." – John MacKay, Yale University

"A great intro to film book that covers both film form and historical/cultural context. Smartly written. Definitely one of the best textbooks out there." – Alice Maurice, University of Toronto

"A well-written, accessible text. Each chapter provides concise historical context alongside cogent explanations of film form. – Janet Cutler, Montclair State University

"The LaunchPad Solo is an excellent resource... essential for online courses." – Lucinda McNamara, Cape Fear Community College

Critical Visions is the anthology we have been waiting for.”
-- Jon Cavallero, Pennsylvania State University
Critical Visions updates the film theory anthology to reflect where film studies has gone by incorporating not only newer media but also debates over cultural representation and recent reappraisals of classical film theory.”
-- Chris Cagle, Temple University
“A comprehensive anthology on classical, contemporary, and current film theory that is accessible and can be used for a spectrum of levels.”
-- Roy Grundmann, Boston University
“Corrigan & White's headnotes are clearly written, concise, and useful; the 'Reading Cues & Key Concepts' are especially valuable for an undergraduate class.”
-- Joanna Rapf, University of Oklahoma

Timothy Corrigan

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