Todd Taylor


“This book is a must-have book for all entering freshmen students!”
– Cynthia Hayes, Clemson University
 “My very favorite feature is the students that we get to know along the way. My students would see themselves in Natalie, Vin-Thuy, and the rest. They look like, talk like, and have insecurities just like my students do. It's different to hear things from a peer, even a ‘virtual’ one, than it is to hear the teacher say ‘lots of students do this or feel that...’ by the end of the text, these students seem like classmates, almost—part of a writing community.”
– Renee Field, Moberly Area Community College
“Taken as a whole, and compared to texts with a similar approach, I think Becoming a College Writer is far superior to most of them, possibly all.”
– Michael Donnelly, Ball State University

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